Don’t be afraid to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX with your social media content.

Tunnel vision is boring….not in the case of my image here, though I may be a little bit bias 🤷🏼‍♀️😍🤣

By all means, have a content plan & strategy in place so you’re consistent on your socials & stay organised (because without that, the dreaded overwhelmed feeling takes the enjoyment out your socials & turns it into a burden and then it eventually derails all your efforts and we don’t want that to happen!)

So, don’t be afraid to inject some content spontaneity in amongst your content plan –

It might just be the secret sauce your page needs 💕 or….it might be a flop 😱; I’ve added the ‘flop’ because social media is ‘trial & error’.

– what worked then, may not work now –

-what works for a competitor, may not work for you –

-no ‘strategy is fool proof’, that is the nature of the social media beast – but, why not give it a red hot go at taming that beast with a plan and a willingness to inject spontaneity ✨

If you’d like a set of eyes to run over your socials & offer some spontaneous content suggestions to consider, you are very welcomed to touch base with us –

pop a message through via the contact page by clicking here Email Us or

book a free 30 minute consult at the booking section on Facebook by clicking here Book Free Consult

Have a great day 👋🏻

X Em

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