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Hi, I am Em!

Since early ‘18, I have been providing marketing solutions to businesses within Australia – with Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Social Media Support, Social Media Page Activation, Creative Content Marketing Solutions, Social Media Graphic Design & Promotional Videos for Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business & Pinterest.

As a Certified Social Media Manager, I offer these solutions because I understand that social media is a constant – a constant in planning, analysing, optimising, content production, content curation and not to mention the 24/7 community management factor! (Just a quick tip re: community management- Reply to comments within a 24 hour period).

From the ‘what, when, how, where & whys’ answered for strategy, content planning, copywriting for captions through to creating digital multimedia content, these services provide solutions to your Social Media Marketing goals. Training on navigating the Facebook & Instagram platform & the features available to you is also what I do! Minor website content updates are also available whilst I partner with you on your socials as I can keep your website information fresh & current. If you’re in need of a new website I advise touching base with a website developer or designer & I am more than happy to refer you to trusted professionals to support you.

For a concise overview of what I, Emily, Project E Creative can offer you & your business, please touch base via a phone chat 0409 274 089, or email emily@projectecreative.com

To discuss strategy, training and foundations that project your social media and digital footprint further, purchase a consult here (currently Sold-Out: please email emily@projectecreative.com for to check availability :-

Let’s work together & project your social media & digital footprint to new heights with organic&/or paid ads & ultimately project your business to level up on Social Media whilst you can chill out to focus on the more important things in your life & business.

Because, projecting your business in the right direction & being of service to you, is what I do!!

Talk soon,

Emily Ellis – Social Media Manager & Lemonade Maker at Project E Creative

Wait, before you go, would you like to know about the content creation side, videos and design? Email us at emily@projectecreative.com for more info.